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23 Anglesea Road

Recovery doesn’t happen in isolation; it happens in the community

At 23 Angelsea Road, we take a holistic approach to wellbeing:

Upstairs, at 23 Anglesea Road houses our ‘brain above’ aka the Recovery College which provides recovery focussed courses aimed at inspiring hope and giving people back control over their lives.   Downstairs is our ‘brain below’ – Stir, our social enterprise café with good mood food at its heart.  Indeed, the gut is sometimes referred to as the second brain.

“90% of serotonin is made in the gut.”

Our café also provides a bridge back into employment by offering a work placement scheme for students who want work within the Hospitality & Catering sector.

What’s more being in the community, we hope to help break down mental stigma and discrimination by changing people’s attitudes towards people with mental health problems by creating social contact opportunities.

We’re community focussed, as we know recovery doesn’t happen in isolation; it happens in the community.