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About us

We are situated in the heart of Woolwich, South East London.

What is a Recovery College?

A recovery college takes an educational rather than a clinical approach to improving mental health.  We offer a wide range of educational courses designed to improve wellbeing, create shared learning experiences and development opportunities.

Who can enrol?

Statistics show one in four people will experience a mental health problem in their lifetime but we believe mental health is everybody’s issue, whether it relates to a diagnosis, or maintaining good mental health through life’s ups and downs.

We welcome anyone who lives in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, with lived experience of mental health or an interest in wellbeing, to join us on their recovery.

We are hosted by Bridge Mental Health, a charity that offers community-based support to individuals with mental health problems in the London Borough of Greenwich.

Collaboration is at the heart of the college. Each course is co-designed with our peer trainers, people with lived experience of mental health. 80% of our tutors and peer trainers have lived experience of mental health. All of the workshops and course options are available to everyone regardless of previous experience or qualifications, and we will not ask you for a diagnosis when you join us.

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