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How to enrol

See the person, not the diagnosis

The enrolment appointment is an opportunity for you to find out more about us and what we do.  We don’t ask for a diagnosis at enrolment, we want to know about you, what your strengths and interests are, and how we can best support you in your recovery.  In advance of the enrolment appointment, it can be helpful to identity your reasons for wanting to come to the Recovery College, plus any specific aims or goals you may have in mind.

Referrals can be made by yourself or a third party.  If a third party makes the referral on your behalf, we ask for you to be present, on the phone, so that we can check that you know about it and that you want to attend the College.

Please give the Recovery College a call on: 020 8294 7909 to book an enrolment slot.

For referrers, please read the attached guidance about referring a client:  Guide for professionals referring to the Recovery College.

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